Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Honeymoon Round 3 :: Paris, France

For those who know me best, know that I am obsessed with all things Paris. The fashion, the food, the feeling, the way of life. Spending five days in Paris was my personal dream come true. We ate every hour on the hour, drank 14 cups of coffee a day, walked down every avenue, window shopped for hours, then actually shopped for hours, looked at beautiful sites, and loved each other a lot. We both were on cloud 9 for those special days. There is no way to express our sincerest thanks to our friends and family who generously made this trip possible. We are still talking about specific snacks we devoured, certain monuments we saw, paintings we loved at the Louvre, people we met, and conversations we had. We went to Shakespeare & Company and bought a vintage book of children's nursery rhymes for our future child. We made memories that we will remember for a lifetime in Paris, and we thank you all for making all those special moments possible. We love you so much. 

                  Charlotte's :)
                                                                                                  Jeanne's :)

                                                                                              thanks for the amazing bag Mikey!

        they refer to this palace as "the mall"... oh OKAY.

                                                            my heart and soul.

Parisian men have the best style :: Older Parisian woman smoking and drinking brandy at 10am. Yes. 

           Sweet children's shoes. Baby MaryJanes (dying)

                        Dolce & Gabbana baby shoes                           my awesome new swanky kicks

"Bitches Be Shoppin" - Princess Gina Shaun Comly

          Mike's new killer coat from Paul & Joe                       Paul & Joe, Paris

     best Pickles I've ever had. best pickle jar I've ever seen  ::  cut baguette for every meal. decadent.

                a home cook's dream :: Olive Oils
                       grooviest looking pasta

                                                                        my sweet husband's note in Shakespeare & Company

             what's up under there, bro?
                           nice buns, baby

                  digging for gold

            oh hey Monna, what's up girl?

until next time Paris... xo