Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday!

Good morning and happy Friday friends!
I hope everyone had a great week. I just got back a few days ago from a six-day-long trip to LA. I was in town for my good friend Pam's baby shower, the food tasting for the wedding, and to see my BFFs Katya & Nadia. It was great to see my pals, I miss them so much. Below are some photos from the trip, and from life around the Couv. 
Also, I'm on day 3 out of 5 of my cleanse! No food, only juices! I drink four vegetables juices, one spiced lemon juice, and one cashew milk a day for five days. It is so hard not to eat! The first day I was exhausted, the second day really hungry, so let's hope the rest is downhill!

 My new screensaver: a snapshot of the best baby ever, Nadia!   ~  Bestie Katya & Nadia- that face!!!

 A gift for Pam for her baby boy! I can't wait to meet you baby Flood! We love you already!

         My new friends I met at the airport                                        Unicorn hair

              Up, up and away....                                            In-flight essentials

 Sneak-peak at the wedding food, delish!

 Mi familia, & my brother Jake

 My two favorites ~ Jake & Bubbie

                                                                                                       My stud muffin Grandpa

               Best couple ever.

                                                                                                         Thanks for the tea SW

     Our favorite family restaurant went out of business :(               My #1 favorite treat! YUM

           I'm doin it!!! On day three out of five!

                                                                                                              Baby snuggles

 I make Mike eat at the counter so I don't have to be tortured.

Love y'all, miss y'all, have a great weekend!


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