Sunday, September 9, 2012

honeymoon, round 1 :: Ravello, Italy

** Before we show photos from our honeymoon, we must thank all of our family and friends for their generous wedding gifts. You all made this trip possible and we cannot thank you enough. We sincerely appreciate your generosity and love you. **

Our first stop on our honeymoon was to the beautiful town of Ravello, Italy. It took us about 20 hours of travel :: four planes and one long car ride :: but we finally arrived to the small town above the Amalfi Coast. We stayed at the most luxurious boutique hotel called the Palazzo Sasso. They pampered us and treated us like royalty - by the end of our stay there, we really got into the groove of being so pampered, we could have been mistaken for the King & Queen of the Couv! We're talking pillows on your lounge chair, fancy spa water, cold eucalyptus damp towels to cool your face throughout the day, private beachside club- the good stuff!

 when we walked into our room, we were greeted with champagne and cookies. well, mike was greeted. i was left out somehow. last time that'll happen! :o)

              mike made a little friend!

a pizza a day keeps the skinny jeans away...   

 we met up with our friends Cory & Nicole for a fun night out ~ they were on their honeymoon too! 

                                                                    best "snack" ever. we are still talking about it.

we LOVE you Ravello! we will never forget our time spent at the Palazzo Sasso.
our next blog post will show photos from our time in Lake Como and Paris!


  1. Less pics of Mike and more boob shots please. Looks like a great start to the trip.

    1. ok, pics of mike's boobs coming up per your request! got it!