Sunday, April 29, 2012

Michael's 1st Post

So....Jessie made me promise to post something, but I have been neglecting it. We have made it through our first week in Vancouver. It's been mostly great....good times with Jess, interesting food, lots of walking, fun exploring, and amazing beer.

Work is really great I love the location of the Vancouver R&H office. They are on the 5th and 6th floors in a skyscraper, in downtown. Everyone is super cool and really nice. The office is floor to ceiling glass with awesome views. I absolutely love walking to work. I make it in about 15 minutes, including stopping for coffee. It makes meeting Jess for lunch or after work very easy.

The weather has been mostly good, although it has probably rained a little almost everyday. I had concerns about how we would adapt to the rain, but it's really no big deal as long as you plan ahead with coat and umbrella. I don't think we will even notice it by the end of the month.

We had to move rooms today, but it worked out in our favor. We were in a studio on the ground floor, now we are in this incredible one bedroom on the 18th floor. It will make the next two weeks, before we move into our new apartment, more enjoyable. Pics to come....

Hope everyone is doing well. We are planing on coming back to Los Angeles in June, for a visit.

Keep checking in for more updates!!!!


  1. I wonder what my boss would think if he knew my schedule for every Monday morning started with "Check Comly Blog for updates"...

    1. who cares what he thinks. i think that's a splendid idea!