Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our first full weekend in BC

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend. We sure did! We ran around this town all weekend, exploring and enjoying. Check out our outings below.

On Friday night, we went to an awesome restaurant in Yaletown called Glowbal Grill. It was a lot of fun. The food was good and so were the cocktails :)
The Yaletown Lemonade
How you pay for tabs in Vancouver. So convenient!

On Saturday morning we went for brunch at our favorite breakfast spot in Vancouver, Subeez. My parents are going to love this place!
On our way to Subeez

Best. Breakfast. Ever. - Jeanne will love this!

Mike loves his americano coffee

On Saturday afternoon we went to Gastown, the hidden trendy shopping area of Vancouver. Gastown is really awesome - cobblestone streets, historic landmarks, boutique shops - tons of fun.

Groovy shoe store
These shoes have my Dad's name written all over them!

Add a Kinney

A few gifts for a few loved ones
Psst.... JT!!

Yo... Katya! I bet you love this!

You will one day hang from my ceiling

Our future couch, but in grey.
Better start saving my loonies now

After we shopped our way through Gastown, we went to see "The Five Year Engagement" and had dinner at a local brewery. This movie was SO funny.  We literally laughed from start to finish. You guys need to see this flick!

Today, we took a water taxi to Granville Island. It was a lovely afternoon spent just shmying around.


Mike's new mini umbrella  

We had a great time at Granville. Definitely a place we will take visitors!

I'll leave you with some photos we took from around town. We love and miss you all. Thinking of our families tonight - as Sundays are usually spent BBQing at my parent's house. Missing you guys like crazy.

Sup dude!
I love this face
Japadog! Barbara Frank's future favorite spot
Gourmet HOTDOGS!

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