Friday, April 27, 2012

Sup homies!
Happy Friday!
So.... we HOPEFULLY found our apartment! Saw it this morning, filled out an application, and we should know by tonight. It's perfect for us, so fingers crossed! Here are pictures of the place:

Gorgeous, aint it? I can just see Shauniepoo sleeping on our couch right there in the corner. Or my pops stirring up some margis in the kitchen. Hopefully it will be ours! We'll keep y'all posted.

On another note, last night Mike and I went to dinner & drinks with our friend Vincent at Yaletown Brewery. He also works at Rhythm & Hues with Mike, and is a great guy. We look forward to more hangs with Vincent. 
Yaletown Brewery is such a cool restaurant. The food was great and the atmosphere was awesome.

I don't know why I act like a damn fool. I just do. I think it's Mike's influence.
Here are some other recent photos I took from around town:

My awesome new shoe laces

Where we are currently staying
I'm a lucky girl

We hope everyone has a great weekend! We love you!


  1. Where is the pic of Mike Meyers?

    1. he isn't special enough for this blog!

  2. that work picture of my son in law looks like he's on America's Most Wanted (your hair looks fab by the way)

    1. ooooh look who figured out how to post comments! you go on with your bad self barbarafrank!