Monday, April 23, 2012

Funday Monday!

Sup homies!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mike and I are enjoying the 'Couv and are settling in nicely.

Yesterday we walked around the city and got familiar with our daily routes to school/work. Last night we went to an Irish pub (surprise surprise, Mike found the one Irish pub in Vancouver) to watch the Canucks play the LA Kings in the playoffs. The Canucks lost to LA --> this was a very devastating event for Vancouverites. The Canucks are the Lakers, Trojans, and Dodgers rolled into one. That's how much that team means to this city.

Today was my first day of school and Mike's first day of work. My school is smaller and simpler than my last, but I like it just the same. Mike loves his new office and is pumped to be there - I'm super happy for him!

We've been eating a lot of sushi and pho take-out. Mike and I love sushi and pho, which is lucky for us because there is literally a sushi restaurant or pho joint on every corner. That and Starbucks (damn corporate America!)

We're thinking about you all and miss you terribly. Sending love.


p.s. Happy 101 days Nadia Mosely!
p.s.s. Eleanor, I miss you!

p.s.s.s. *rnwekkk*

Our brunch came with a side of DJ

The beautiful town library


Bridge View

My Love

I run into this lil homeboy everywhere I go!


The world's largest farmers market!

MC's first day of work.
Big boy 

 My new classroom, equally as boring
 as my old classroom

As Kanye West once sang, "all of the lights..."

Pho Sho

Cable Wires

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  1. Looks like you guys are having a great experience so far. I like that breakfast sausage!