Sunday, April 22, 2012

We've Arrived!

Hello my fellow Americans!

The Comlys have arrived in Vancouver. Flight went well, and to our surprise the customs and immigration interviews went fairly smooth too.
Last night we went for sushi and walked around a bit. No Whole Foods in sight but we're on it.
Today we are going to walk to Mike's work and to my school to get familiar with the route. Luckily for me, my school is surrounded by awesome shops - holla!

Here are some photos we took during our last family dinner, at the airport in LA and BC, and our first night in the city.

We miss you all already.
We LOVE you!!

Dad's Famous Pasta! Delish!!

Have you ever seen a cuter kid?! 


...... After!

Our home for the next month 

The sidewalk is littered with engravings of leaves. I love this! 

Cherry Blossom trees everywhere! LOVE!

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