Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sup homies

Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't blogged lately. We had some wedding stuff to deal with that was taking up all my free time. 

Here is what has been going on with us lately...

We are very excited to be moving into our new apartment on Sunday! We will finally be reunited with our belongings. It will be great to not be "living out of a suitcase". 
School has been going well for me. I have a big test tomorrow, yikes! Mike is enjoying work but has been very busy. He is definitely a rockstar at his office and is being pulled in ten directions at all times. But you know Mike, he does well under pressure.

Here are some photos we took over the last week of fun things we did. 
We miss you all and hope everyone is doing great.


This is Nicki & Glenn - Glenn trains Canadian olympic athletes 

Peeps from school- Russian in a tank top & a sleeping Asian

I don't know what this face is about, but I love it. What a weirdo.

Our *awesome* new grocery rolling cart

We ran into a Marijuana protest in the street. They were chanting, "we're high, we're here, get over it!"  It's my new mantra.

Dougie Dog!! Sup Pops

Does your gorgeous park have potted plants? Me thinks not.

I just had to share this special gem with everyone. 

Have a great day. We miss you. 


  1. Class looks exciting Jess!!! :)
    Miss you guys. Great pics.

  2. All the ole ladies are going to be jealous of that stylish grocery bag.

    1. ill have you know that grocery bag is both stylish AND functional! :P