Friday, May 11, 2012

You're awesome, yeah - you!

Goodmorning homies,

Happy Friday friends! Mike and I move TOMORROW! Ah we are so excited. Staying at Level was nice, but there is nothing like living in your own place with your own stuff. I miss my big beautiful bed so much, I can't wait to be reunited with it tomorrow night and sleep for a record 14 hours or something magical like that.

Earlier this week, Mike and I went to a restaurant called Judas Goat. It was quite an experience. It's located on Blood Alley in Gastown. The street name is a good indication of the experience! We were sitting at our lovely table in the lovely little restaurant, looking out of the open window watching drug deals, prostitutes leaving dilapidated public house apartments, and my favorite of the night - an old man (druggie) peeing into a potted plant on the balcony! Ick. I documented the scene for your viewing pleasure:

See him up there on the balcony? Yep, he is peeing and wigging out. Yuck, and yet at the same time quite entertaining.
After dinner we went to an awesome speakeasy for drinks and dessert. Here are more pictures from our night and a few other photos from the week:

                   Doesn't this look like boobies?     

 Doesn't this strip club look so inviting? We love the neon "open" sign out front. Classy.

 Now I know 'raisin' is referring to grape in French, but let's pretend this soda is raisin flavor.
My new favorite necklace! Courtesy of MComly.                     Yes, yes I am. Thanks for noticing. 

Our new favorite restaurant, The Pourhouse. Definitely taking Poppa & Momma Frank here when they visit in a few weeks. 

 Meredith's doppelgänger!  ~~  Mike said this is the car I will have to drive when we have kids. I'm game.
Have a great day folks. We miss you and love you.
Pssst.... JT, way to go you big stud! ;)

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