Thursday, May 31, 2012

i've been a bad blogger

aloha friends,
sorry i've been such a bad blogger and haven't posted in a week. my parentals were in town visiting! it was so great to have them here. we basically shmyed day and night and ate our way through the 'couv.
before i show y'all the photos from my parent's visit, here are a few photos from earlier last week....

   i took my *awesome* grocery chart to the local market and bought materials to make mini burgers with Mikey. they turned out delish!

i now babysit for a beautiful 4 month old baby girl named lena who lives on a boat. how awesome is that!?

                                                             they live on one of these boats!

                        lena and i take many walks a day around the water to graville island

                                                                                                      best. hotdog. ever.
                                                     aww a boat named after my lil sissy

**HOORAY! my parents arrived!**

                                  my family.

       i have no excuse or explanation for her

              pondering the meaning of life

                          my boys

                                              lena and i did some more exploring yesterday...


                                    who knows.                           made some green smoothies for the week, yum!

alright party people, hope you have a great rest of the week. mike and i will be back in LA at the end of june and would love to see you. maybe shaun should have everyone over for a bbq. yes, that sounds fun. let's all meet there and stay for an inappropriate amount of time and make a mess of his house.

love y'all! 


  1. Lovely!!!!! You guys are having so much fun!

    PS -- Shaun will never see your note. :)

    1. we are hoping you will come for a visit this summer! and hopefully that stinkypoo shaun reads our blog. that whore.

    2. OMG! ROFL!! Mi$$ yOu GuYs s00 mUcH@@@ <3 (;3) #YOLO

      There I have read and commented on your blog.

  2. My Monday mornings just have not been the same without a fresh Comly Blog from the ‘Couv’. Oh well, I will just have to be patient for more Canadian Comly Hi-Jinx.
    BTW–I think a surprise BBQ at the LA Comply Pad is a wonderful idea!Throw down for me!

    1. i promise to update more often!! major prom prom.
      we love u. get a black suit for the wedding fool!