Friday, June 8, 2012


Hi Friends!

Hope everyone had a great week. It was busy on our end (and rainy). I had a midterm (blech) and Mike has been crazy busy at work. I start taking hot yoga classes which is so great-so sweaty-but great. Mike joined a run club at his office. A few times a week he and some work friends run 6K. He is loving it! Tonight we are going to happy hour drinks & food with Mike's co-workers. Should be fun.
Hope you like our photos from the week. Hey guess what, only 77 days until our wedding! WHAT! Crazy // we are so excited. And then off to Europe for the honeymoon... ooo lala.
So I will be in LA in two weeks, sadly Mike can't join because of how busy he is at work. But I hope to see all y'all when I'm there. Hit a sista up.
Miss you all! LOVE Y'ALL!

ok p.s. SOO I have to share this funny story. During a hot yoga class earlier this week, the male instructor came in with a full face of make-up on, glitter, and sexy danced during the entire class, having us repeat mantras every few minutes. At the end of the class, he played some instrumental music and sang an entire slow song. He said it was his gift to us. I love weird people.

           What a lovely place to sit and read.



                          Mike did my hair. HA!

                   Hot Yoga. Love.                                 My home away from home- the public library.

                              Learn it. Live it. Love it.                                  Reppin' my grandpa's scarf.

                                                                                                          MC hard at work.

                                                                                                   How to keep a baby dry in the rain.

                                                                                        I found the best chiropractor ever.
             The rain was mean to my shoes.

                                                        MC is so sweet. Love that guy.

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