Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yo Yo Yo!

Hey everyone!
Hope you all had a great weekend and good week so far. Things are going great up here in the Couv. Mike and I have been busy with life, but have had a lot of fun sprinkled throughout the week/weekend. We are gearing up for our upcoming wedding (what, 38 days away, yikes!!) and our HONEYMOON! Whoo we are so excited for Italy and Paris. Yippee! Hope you enjoy our photos below.

 My man getting buff for the wedding... hot hot hot!!
 Best collection of baby moccasins I ever did see.      

                                                                                                     Dream hammock.

             Baby girl mesmerized by the fire juggler on Granville Island

              Holy crane.

                    I'm a recipe junkie.
                    Ice cream addict.

          Ran into this little homie again.                                           Sweet ride.

Mike and I went with his work friends to our friend Mathew's "dance recital" on Friday night. Mathew rocked it and we all had fun dancing!

I made a cucumber, fig and fennel salad for Mathew's birthday party Saturday night. It was a really fun night with yummy food!


 Happy birthday Mathew!!

 Katya sent me this pic of baby Nadia in SB over the weekend.
The cuteness melts my heart - I love that lil one!!

                                                                                                Mike gave himself the new nickname
                                                                                                            "hubba bubba"... ha!!

 Have a great week everyone, we miss you! Cant wait to see everyone at the wedding. xx


  1. I am definitely enjoying pics of mike working out shirtless, then eating a bowl of ice cream. Thanks!

  2. Hahahaha. I was going to say the exact same thing Dave.
    Now Mike, WWTHD? ;)