Thursday, August 9, 2012

we've missed you too!

hi friends!
so SO sorry we've been MIA for the past few weeks. here's the short of it: Shaun & Jeanne visited, planned our wedding, finished finals, Mike working hard, went to LA for a week, planned our wedding, yoga, best friends, running, planned our wedding, played with babies, rode a metal bull, ate In-n-Out, got drunk with my dad, and planned our wedding- which is in TWO weeks- holy crap #&!^$(*!!!!!
we'll let the photos tell the story. love y'all, miss y'all! 


  1. Here's my short of it -

    The blog needs more Shaun. The beers look small. Who Photoshopped Joel into Canada? There's a Canadian Dave. Girls like Teal pants. Random photos. Jessica smothers babies with blankets. And Mr. Frank is cool.
    tizzle me timbers

  2. Jeanne's cool too and pretty.

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  4. shaun is nothing but a princess named gina!!!!!

  5. I'm way better looking than that bag